Imitation and copying can be accepted as a compliment and a form of flattery. To know you have inspired someone to follow your lead. Creating a movement and changing the mindset all through your own originality. When it comes to copying, there are 2 types of clones; The Admirer and The Jealous type. The Admirer will reach out to their inspiration, egos aside, and will proudly show appreciation of what they like. They will be inquisitive and be honest in letting you know how well you own what you do. A value and characteristic you cannot expect from everyone. The latter will watch, hate and then copy you. They will be so engrossed in focusing on you without realising they should have invested their time on creating their own.

Being an original means, you set a benchmark for others, establish a level of service and build a sustainable structure so you can support others. Unfortunately, some people do not realise that when they spend time following and copying what others do, they will always end up being a mile behind; unaware there are changes and shifts happening around them. The beauty of having people imitate and copy is knowing they cannot progress or make their next move until you make yours, once again owning what you do and leading the way. They can copy your content but not your creativity.

Many people can copy your “customer-facing” processes, however what they do not see is how all your individual functions work together – the key to your success. Someone who copies will not survive because they will be dependent on someone else to breath for them. When you copy or imitate someone, then you should have the decency and integrity to inform them of your intentions and actions, otherwise you are nothing less than a thief; taking what is not yours – The Jealous Imitator. These people are unable to comprehend the effort and time you invest in creating your own work. They are very quick to use you as a benchmark, then criticise your efforts, to finally copying what you do or elements of your work. The positive aspect of The Jealous Imitator is knowing how highly they value you and aspire to be like you, without vocalising their true thoughts. One can steal ideas, but no one can steal execution and passion.


“If you want to be original, be ready to be copied” – Coco Chanel