THE Wolfe London WAS BORN

In 2017 The Wolfe London was born. Built by a group of Collaboratives in University from different parts of the UK, our creative flairs were used to start a legacy. The brand started as an athletic lesiure brand through menswear.

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Rebranding as unisex

Having gained a huge attention in the UK and being featured in the BBC, The Guardian and Love Island. The marketing the brand recieved was huge by males and females. It was a big decision to make to adjust our brand as a Unisex focused brand as lots of Males and Females loved the gender fluid clothing.

Lfw ss19 & aw20

London fashion Week

2019 Marked an moment in history for The Wolfe London. having become one of the largest UK Unisex Designers as well as having clothing operations in over 103 Countries Worldwide. The London Fashion Week Catwalk was a great milestone for the brand.

gq magazine

2020 Marked another milestone with The Wolfe London being feautred in GQs spread for the entire last Quarter of 2020.

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Being an original means, you set a benchmark for others, establish a level of service and build a sustainable structure so you can support others. ...

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