In 2017, TWL was born within the limited space of a University bedroom and the back of a car. A Brother and Sister duo envisioned an international luxury brand which would breathe new life into the Streetwear movement, creating an exclusive and unique concept of designing limited edition unisex apparel. The core value of The Wolfe London was to offer high quality clothing at an affordable price.

Whilst having full time jobs and studying for final year, the siblings invested countless hours ensuring the brand had a strong foundation and an impactful image. With the support of family, friends, colleagues and other students, TWL was able to grow rapidly and build a network of aspiring individuals who would be on the journey with them. TWL emerged as more than just a product: they lead the pack by creating a community of creatives and collaborating with individuals from all over the world to become a Global brand, recognised and established in over 103 countries in 3 years.

The growth of TWL has enabled the brand to expand and become a platform that can support other businesses and individuals who want to collaborate, be inspired, mentored and motivated in pursuing their dreams. Learning from their own errors and mistakes has made TWL become a reputable brand that provides advice and initiatives to prevent others experiencing the same hardships. We share the belief that you create your own fate - what you put in is what you get out; collaboration is the key to success.



As well as collaborating with creatives, we also believe in the importance of sustainability, and have eco-friendly materials blended within our clothing collections and all of our luxurious packaging. Our materials are carefully sourced by the in-house team to ensure the products are ethically produced and comfortable to wear. Having studied and worked abroad the siblings were able to network with agents, manufacturers and businesses to gain a first-hand perspective on how their products would be produced and who they would be working with.

By understanding the importance of aesthetically pleasing packaging and balancing the eco-friendly initiatives, TWL have ensured all their materials, clothing and packaging is recyclable and not harmful to the environment, whilst maintaining the luxurious experience and pleasure of opening the packages. They do not over-produce designs or waste products, resulting in a reduction in their carbon footprint and give back to the community, charities and businesses.



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