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V2 Signature Khaki T-Shirt

V2 Signature Khaki T-Shirt

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Line: V2 Signature Khaki T-Shirt

Fit: Fitted

Material: 95% Cotton, 5% Spandex

Product Description

•Soft touch fabric


•Contrasting white embroidered signature TWL text on the front centre of the chest

•Machine Wash

•TWL Signature Red Label

The V2 Signature Khaki T-Shirt is a new addition to the signature collection, and can be paired with all products to achieve a fashionable look, making it versatile and a wardrobe essential.

Size Guide: Chest

XS - (32 inches - 34 inches)

S - (34 inches - 36 inches)

M - (38 inches - 40 inches)

L - (40 inches - 42 inches)

XL - (42 inches - 44 inches)

XXL - (44 inches - 46 inches)