Alpha Black Ankle Socks


Lead the pack with our confident and versatile colour of high quality socks, designed with a double-tab silhouette for all-day comfort and activities, and finished with our signature Wolfe Logo embroidery. The TWL Alpha Black Ankle Socks are an essential edition to the Alpha X Omega collection. 

Line: Alpha Black Ankle Socks

Material: 69% Nylon, 28% Polyester and 3% Elastane

Product Description:

•4 pairs in a box

•High Talus and Fibula tab for extra comfort

•Soft touch black fabric

•White Wolfe logo embroidery on the back

•Machine Wash


Size Guide: One Sized

Men - 7.5 to 12 approximately (UK)

Women - 3.5 - 9 approximately (UK)

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