Wolfe Kuruma Tee


The Wolfe Kuruma Tee is new to the Asian Theme collection. The Asian inspired street racing design creates a vibrant ambience overlaid on the city background, which captures the symbolic Godzilla Car. This T-shirt adds fun and enjoyment to the everyday wardrobe and can be paired with the Azure Denim Jacket, or the Onyx Bomber Jacket. The Wolfe London values itself on being collaborative and valuing all the various attributes to make TWL a leader. This t-shirt is unique in its design and style, making it versatile and comfortable.


Line: The Wolfe Kuruma Tee
Fit: Oversized
Material: 80% Cotton 20% Polyester

Product Description:

  • Soft touch plain white fabric
  • Printed City graphic with iconic Blue Godzilla car on the back
  • ’The Wolfe London’ printed on the front chest
  • TWL Signature Red Label
  • Machine Wash on 30 degrees and air dry to maintain the longevity of the print

Size Guide: Oversized Chest
XS - (34 inches - 36 inches) 
S - (36 inches - 38 inches)
M - (38 inches - 40 inches)
L - (40 inches - 42 inches)
XL - (42 inches - 44 inches)
XXL - (44 inches - 46 inches)

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