A Sheep in Wolfe’s Clothing

The Wolfe London, an emerging young streetwear fashion brand (nay, a collaborative of creatives - The Wolfe Pack), synonymous with the vibrancy of our urban capital; with inclusiveness and community, should make you sit up and take notice. Their unisex clothing brand bridges all types of segregation within society, perceived or very tangible, and opens up to the collective the opportunity to grow and develop themselves; as they join in their own creative process whatever form that takes in their life....the cry of the Wolfe Pack is strong.....

Perhaps that is why, in recent weeks, what would appear to be a lone Wolfe has been spotted amongst the somewhat barren wilderness landscape of the North Yorkshire Dales, a far cry from the urban sprawl in which The Wolfe London resides; a landscape largely dominated by the woolly critters commonly known as sheep.....so is this apparition merely a sheep in Wolfe’s clothing?! It would appear not, the Wolfe DNA is strong!

So how did this Lone Wolfe find itself so far from the pack? And how can it speak with any relevance to its urban cousins from its decidedly rural and apparently lonesome existence?

How have The Wolfe London stepped so far outside what may well have been its target market demographic when drawing up its business plan, and with apparent success?! Well, let me enlighten you.....

The Wolfe London embody the values of creativity, collaboration, inclusivity and taking responsibility for shaping our own future.....something quite simply yet perfectly encapsulated in the words of Albert Einstein, who so astutely observed that “Everything that exists in your life, does so because of one of two things: something you did, or something you didn’t do.”

Therein lies the challenge, did you hear it? Good Ol’ Albert just threw down the gauntlet and its up to each to respond, no excuses. We are not victims of our environment unable to influence anything, just subject to things happening to us. Everything is a choice or the result of a choice. We have limited time here on this planet, there’s a hunger to make it count, and to keep getting up when we get knocked down, which we will repeatedly!

The Wolfe London heard the challenge and responded creating their own future and a future for the pack, and the howl rang loud.

The Lone Wolfe heard the cry and recognised within it the call of its tribe, bringing with it a hunger to create more, live connected, build community and embrace colour!

The Wolfe Pack (or wolf pack!) being a fantastic display of this. Known not just for their ferociousness, wolves are held in regard equally for their structure and organisation, their loyalty to the pack, their community and family values and their ability to co-ordinate and co-operate. Don't get me wrong they are no pet dogs; as well as the necessity of hunting, when needed they WILL defend and protect.

And it's these values that found a Lone Wolfe wandering the countryside of the Yorkshire Dales. She is an Alpha Female, belonging to the Wolfe Pack of The Wolfe London, to whom she is a new pack outpost (not truly a Lone Wolfe merely awaiting the arrival of other pack members).

But she is also the leader of her own small family pack, holding the only Alpha position she insists the three youngsters at home, 18mth Great Dane along with 2 young boys all take up beta positions, with the youngest often adopting the omega role, especially in initiating play and diffusing pack tensions.

Having been kept in disempowerment for so long, nearly long enough to be convinced herself that maybe she was destined to be a sheep after all (like some grotesque twist on the Ugly Duckling story we were brought up on) this Alpha Female is slowly emerging from all that has been since she decided that no circumstances or situations would now ever stop her from achieving her dreams, or at least from keeping trying.....repeatedly.....no matter how many times she gets ambushed!

Part of that process is what brought her back in touch with the pack, not her natal pack...but The Wolfe Pack.

I am that Lone Wolfe.

Bounding back to embrace life full on once again, going back to modelling seemed the obvious choice. Very soon afterwards the delectable clothing off The Wolfe London and the Wolfe Pack that came with it, burst into my life bringing back a vibrancy, and a hunger......a hunger for more, for experiences, for love, for gratitude, and that's what I think about every time I don The Wolfe London threads. They've become my firm favourites already not just because of what they represent but because they are some of the best quality, colourful, well styled and comfortable clothes I have ever owned! Previously an unintentional almost entirely grey/black/navy wardrobe owner, the biggest surprise is the crimson jumper.....I LOVE IT, like legitimately love it. I would wear it every day if I could. In fact I'm gonna go get myself another right now, if they haven't sold out! :/

And this is what happens when you dream, and then take action on those dreams and start creating something...it creates momentum and co-creations, and so as I am wrapping up this initial experimental blog post, the title for the next is already forming in my mind.....

"The Wolfe and The Lionfly" hopefully I'll re-join you there!

Photographer - Prestomodelling