Quality VS Quantity

Having one thing or a lot of things? Every day you are surrounded by choices and options. There is either too much choice or not enough choice. Are you sacrificing or compromising? Quality or Quantity.

Everyone wants to have the best quality for their investment, whether it be in fashion, food, technology, houses or in people. They say you should not put all your eggs in one basket, however how does one manage to maximise the quality when they have spread out their focus and awareness?

Quality is a judgement we make when we have a goal or target. We want something to have a status of excellence, not just an average impression or feeling. We all want to have a lot of things and our wish lists can be endless, but deep down we all want one good thing, one thing that will last a long time because it is such good quality. Out of the 100 things we want, only a tenth of those things will meet our expectations of high quality. We do not want to have a dent in our bank accounts just because we feel we deserve high quality, quality should be affordable and reasonable so that everyone can be satisfied without feeling as though they have had to make a compromise or even a sacrifice. In everything we do we subconsciously judge the quality over quantity. It may seem that we have a lot of things, when only a handful of those things are meaningful and add value to our life. Quality is a fulfilment and gives a sense of happiness and positivity, because we feel it is an achievement to have anything that is of high quality standard. The beauty of quality is the invisibility it portrays when quantity is in the spotlight. Everyone can see a lot of things, but how many people see the true value and quality of those things. To analyse and judge quality our human instinct focuses on one item. That’s where the quality then starts to become visible and outshine the quantity. Quality creates a memory and an experience, a thought we hold onto and not want to forget. It is easier to remember one great experience rather than 100 average experiences.

Our hearts break when we have invested a lot of time and money into something we feel should last a long time. We automatically generalise associates when something disappoints us, because we believe it will just happen again. We lose faith, trust, loyalty and commitment because we feel we have been deceived. They say anything worth having requires a lot of time, money and investment. Yes, the reward might be amazing, but there is a lot of risk to how we think about those things in the future if we do not get the return we expected. In reality, we should be at a stage where we can have the best quality without having the high risk of investing ourselves. We want continuity and consistency. Our expectations to be met and exceeded. Quality is not an act, but becomes a habit ingrained in us. It is addictive.

Quality means doing it right when no one else is looking. Quality will always be remembered once the price is forgotten.