Strength of Collaboration

Unity is a strength and a force to be reckoned with. Together you conquer, divided you fall. Collaboration does not mean that you are weak or inept, it simply illuminates intelligence and power. A fist carries dominance and supremacy, whereas a finger is dependent and has a limit. Collaboration enables the spotlight of xylose and independence, whilst simultaneously bringing together a whole unit. 

By collaborating you create a win/win situation, a positive outcome for all parties involved. A stronger influencing power that can motivate and increase hunger and determination to continuously improve and do better. Collaborating encourages support and a safety net that allows you to never give up nor be alone. A community is formed when collaboration takes place. Values, goals and ambitions are aligned, but are all achieved through different paths. 

The beauty of collaboration is that it allows you to grow and develop, be surrounded by a mind-set that keeps you mentally challenged and offers a new perspective. Working alone is metaphorically the finger on your hand. You automatically limit yourself by being confined in your own space. We cannot be challenged or inspired as a solo.  

A sense of success and fulfilment will never last when you do things on your own. Success and fulfilment is only felt when you share it with your team, those that were part of your journey. Everyone is there because they have a skillset to offer the board. No matter how big or small the contribution, that element adds value in the form of a blessing or a lesson. 

A great thing about starting to collaborate or to continue collaboration is that they get to know you. And a strong collaboration means that they truly believe in you and that you have a talent without any limits.

Any team, relationship or partnership is a compromise. But if the balance, ambition and support is there, what you lose in compromise you gain in collaboration. If everyone is working together, then success takes care of itself.